Sunday, August 18, 2013


My boyfriend and I were traveling around the world together. We stayed in beautiful hotels with beautiful rooms where we drank champagne on the balcony and slept together. Every day we traveled somewhere new. When we wanted more information about something, we worked ourselves to the middle of a tour group and listened. We went to places I've never even heard of before. It was unbelievably beautiful and romantic. If there is such a place as heaven, that's what mine would be...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Med School

My boyfriend and I were taking a couple of classes together to become doctors. We were going to this enormous school that looked a lot like Hogwarts on the outside. On the inside it looked just like a normal school. The class we attended last night was a trapeze class (because all doctors have to be trapeze artists). There was one other girl in our clas. She was a little chunky and very blonde. Our instructor was in his early thirties and was a good teacher.

My boyfriend volunteered to go first, which is very typical of him. He climbed up, attached his harness, and swung around. I envy how fearless he is. When he climbed down, the other girl climbed up. She was actually really good. When she climbed down, I climbed up.  I felt like I was climbing upwards forever. I was really scared when I got to the top and I forgot what I was supposed to do. The instructor told me to come down but my boyfriend told him I could do it. My boyfriend then talked me through what I was supposed to do and I did it. I swung around and did some flips and it was fun. 

Now class was over and the three of us were talking to our instructor. He was telling my boyfriend about how great he was doing and asked how his other classes were going. Of course they were going well because he is so driven when it comes to furthering himself. The instructor had another class, so we all parted ways at that point. 

A little later I met my boyfriend at his parents house. He was going to med school and couldn't afford an apartment. His mom was home so he told me we had to be quiet. He grabbed my wrist and led me to his room. He shut the food behind us and pressed me against it. He pinned both of my arms above my head and kissed me.  One hand held my arms while the other traced my side up and down. After a few minutes he threw me on the bed. We kept kissing as one thing led to another. I woke up as we both reached where we were going at the same time. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Monster 101?

I was in a class in college where we were required to stay the night in this house. The professor was old and mean but she was never around. Her TA was and he was sweet and cute and handsome and I had the biggest crush on him. He took a liking to me too because he helped me with all of my assignments. 

The dream started during the day where we had to do an art project. I painted a picture of the mountains the yard overlooked, as per the suggestion of the TA. The other girls and I were at about the same level when it came to our artistic abilities but I was the only one to get an A because the professor loved being in the mountains better than anything else. 

Afterwards, we all ate a fish dinner at an enormous kitchen table. The conversation was constant and easy between all of us and kept going even after the meal ended and we migrated to the living room. That was where we got our next assignments: write ten instances of positive causes with negative effect. For example, "we built a bridge for the cpmmunity to quickly travel to and from their homes, but all it was used for was for people to jump off of." I was taking my time and had three written down when the alarm started to go off. We were under attack.

Each of the doors and windows had a meters on them telling you how much had been beaten away. Everyone could see they were starting at the front of the house so the TA grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom at the farthest end of the house and sat me down on the couch. A few people had followed us back there, but the TA didn't care about them. He told me to wait for him here. So I waited. Eventually he came back and told me the rest of the house had been secure but we had lost a few of our own.

We all thought we were safe so we all started to relax. But then they attacked all three bedroom windows at once. We were able to defeat two of the little monsters no problem but the third crashed through he window and killed the boy guarding it. It came for me next but the TA cut it's head off and threw it out the window in one solid movement. Two other guys boarded up with widow as soon as someone else heaved the body out. The TA ran over to me, picked me up, and spun me around. We had won and now we could relax. We got to talking again on the couch. I was planning on telling him how much I liked him but I woke up before I got the chance. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mall Fun

It was my senior year of high school and a big group of my friends and I went on a field trip to the mall. We always went to the mall to watch IMAX movies but I skipped that part in my head. I buddies up my best friend from 8th grade and we started walking around. We found a shopping cart and we both got on an end. I was on the front so he was the one pushing. I really had to pee so I leaned forward and asked him if we could find a bathroom. He leaned forward too so we were almost touching and he told me sure. 

We found a sign for the bathroom and went over to it. Of course there wasn't actually a bathroom there so I knew I was dreaming. My friend walked off and so did I. I decided it was time to shop. I went into a few stores down the hall and got bored. I thought roller skating would be fun and then there were roller skates on my feet. I went up and down the hall a few times. I went through stores and dodged racks of clothes and people. 

I decided to be done so I was skating back to the store we were supposed to meet the bus driver in. I was going down hill and was going to just push right through the door without stopping. This was a bad idea. Apparently I rammed into the wrong side of the door because I ended up knocking the whole thing off of it's hinges. I was still holding onto the thing when I was inside and realized I bashed a police woman in the face with it. I very quickly dropped it and skated off. I thought about putting shoes back on and they were back on. It felt weird walking again but I went straight back to the police woman and asked if she was okay. She told me she was fine and didn't need any help. 

I was about to walk away when on the other side of the doors was a policeman being attacked by his dog. I asked the wan if we should help him and she said no because they were just playing. So I just stood there and watched as the man beat the dog with his nightstick and still lost. The dog then came into the store and I backed away slowly. It went straight to the police woman and she told it how good a dog it was and pet it. I was very afraid at this point because I had just hit this lunatic in the face with a door. I tried to hide behind a rack of clothes but the dog found me so I woke up. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Carnival Fun

My boyfriend and I were waiting in line to get on a roller coaster set up on the grounds of my high school. We had to go in one at a time and he let me go first. I went up the stairs and into the classroom and sat down in the middle of the roller coaster and saved the seat next to me. I was listening to the teacher in the classroom give a lecture and before I knew it almost the entire coaster was full of people, but my boyfriend was no where in sight. I tapped on the shoulder of my friend in front of me who was also alone. He turned around and asked me where my boyfriend was. I was about to tell him I didn't know when a big, tall, fat man walked in with my boyfriend behind him. The big man explained how my boyfriend had fallen down the stairs and now had a concussion and couldn't go on the ride. So I got up, gave my boyfriend a hug, and we walked away to do something else.

The dream shifted to me working the rides alone. I was working the swings when a woman came and asked for my help. She needed me to dispose of some jewelry and I told her I would. In my dream I knew her, but I don't know her now. I pocketed the jewelry and figured I'd lose it at some point.

The dream shifted again and I was working inside an inflatable playhouse. My mom, brother, boyfriend, and some family friends were behind me just hanging out and talking. Inside the house, it was my job to keep people out or they won a bunch of candy. They would come up the windows and I would have to punch them before they could punch me. I was really good at it so it got pretty boring. I started doing tricks to entertain myself and that made it harder, but it wasn't much more interesting.

The dream shifted again to everyone I mentioned before lying in a giant bed with white sheets and a big, comfy white comforter. Everyone was talking and I was playing with the jewelry the woman had given to me. There was a diamond necklace, a diamond engagement ring, and a diamond wedding band. I started to think they must be worth a fortune and maybe I could get my brother to sell them for me in a pawn shop.

Then it shifted again and I was walking down the hall with a group of people. A woman led us to a computer lab and was showing us how to use the program when I woke up. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There's Nothing Like the Open Ocean

I was at college (that wasn't the one I go to in real life), in a math class that was stupidly simple. I spent my time tutoring a boy in there who I thought was becoming my friend. I learned differently when he invited me over to his apartment on campus. It was very dark when I went in so I didn't see him when he came up behind me and gagged me so I couldn't scream. He tied my hands behind my back and ripped off all of my clothes but my underwear. He told me we were going to have sex. I groaned in refusal and shook my head. He dragged me up the stairs and sat me down on the floor and slapped me. He told me he was going to take a piss. When he was done, he told me it was my turn and that I was to come into his bedroom with my underwear off or else he would kill me and then screw me.

He untied my hands and I went into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me, not that it would do any good since it was only a half a door. I untied the gag but I didn't have to pee, so I just stood there, staring at myself in the mirror... 

About a minute had gone by and I knew I was running out of time and had to think of something, when an old couple walked into the apartment looking for their son. The mother came upstairs calling his name. She poked her head into the bathroom and I pointed to the bedroom and mouthed the word "help". But he didn't. She ran down the stairs screaming "gypsy!" I started to panic and ran after her. In a full sprint, I went down the stairs, grabbed a shirt, and flew out the door. I could hear him on my heels so I didn't stop.

Eventually I knew I had outrun him but still I was too afraid to stop... I ended up tripping on an uneven slab of concrete but someone caught me... I looked up and it was a drop dead gorgeous man. He was tall, had a beautiful face with some dirty blonde chin whiskers that matched the short hair on his head. He had rippling muscles under his plain blue t shirt that brought out the blue in his eyes He asked me if I was alright. I started to sob. The gorgeous man walked me back to my apartment and helped me get into the shower, because I was disgusting. He was a complete gentleman and waited all the way outside my apartment until I was finished and dressed. Then he offered to take me out to dinner. Of course I accepted. 

The dream skipped ahead about a month, maybe two. I was walking down the sidewalk to meet my new boyfriend and some another couple he's friends with, when I saw the stupid boy who had taken me hostage in his apartment. He was just staring at me, smiling. I started to jog and almost immediately caught up to my boyfriend and his friends. Apparently I looked spooked because they all asked me if I saw a ghost or something. I told them no, I just needed a drink, and put on my best fake smile. My boyfriend grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight because he knew it was fake. (Here I noticed there was something very familiar about his hands...) When he walked me back to my apartment he made me tell him what happened. That was when I told him everything that had happened. Them he insisted we leave immediately. 

The dream skipped ahead to us, on a cruise. My immediate family was there, so was his uncle, his cousin, and his cousins girlfriend, which ended up being awful because his cousin was my abusive ex. We all went into a restaurant where my mom and I couldn't eat anything. We bought everyone drinks so we were still allowed to go in and sit with everyone. We were the last to go in so everyone had already sat down. I sat down and kissed my boyfriend... (That was when I consciously realized it was a version of my real life boyfriend. He kissed the same, had the same hands, and the same family). In the dream, I started to panic because I didn't want to sit at the same table as my ex. I told my boyfriend that as I got up to get drinks and he took care of that while I was gone. When I came back, my ex and his girlfriend were sitting by themselves. 

After we ate, we all went outside on deck. We all found a spot against the railing and looked over the side. I made my boyfriend switch with me when my ex ended up directly next to me. My mom shouted that someone should take a picture, so my boyfriend's uncle jumped in the water and took one of us. Everyone was so engrossed in what he was doing that my boyfriend and I were able to sneak off on our own. 

We sat down in these rows of benches. He was in the one behind me and I was turned around so I could talked to him. I told him I needed a drink (because being around his family was exhausting). He very seriously stared at me and told me he was not going to be in a relationship with someone who drank because his deadbeat dad was an alcoholic. I climbed over the bench and knelt on the floor in front of him. I grabbed both of his hands, looked him in his gorgeous green and blue eyes, and promised him I wouldn't do anything to risk losing him. He let go of my hands, gently placed his hands on my cheeks and neck, and pulled me in to kiss him.

When he broke away from me, we stood up and hugged... I looked over his shoulder and his cousin was right there, just staring. I let go of my boyfriend and his cousin told me he wanted to talk to me. My boyfriend said, "Well, go ahead. What is it?"

His cousin replied, "I want to talk to her 

"Well that isn't going to happen," my boyfriend told him. Then he grabbed my hand as led us back to the rail where he wrapped his strong arms around me and kissed me. 

That was when I woke up. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fear Comes in Many Forms

I had two very different dreams last night. The first was all about my boyfriend and I. We were staying in his uncle's mansion without him knowing. Firstly, it was easy because he was never home. Secondly, it was easy because it was like three houses in one. There were three master bedrooms, three living rooms, three kitchens, three dining rooms, a bunch of bedrooms and a bunch of bathrooms. It was all very empty and most of the walls were white, so that kind of bothered me, but it was still beautiful.

One day while my boyfriend and I were swimming, his uncle came home with his son and girlfriend. My boyfriend and I scrambled to sneak inside through one of our windows. We knew they had seen us, but they didn't know who we were. We sprinted through the house, around a corner, into our section, and into a dark closet in an empty bedroom. Somehow his uncle kept up and found us. I was terrified, but it turned out fine. He told us we were allowed to live there. He would even buy us furniture. He just wished we had come to him when we started having financial trouble. I woke up after that. Now I'm left wishing he could be that easy on us in real life...

I did fall back asleep to another dream that had nothing to do with the first. I was back in high school (which was located at my elementary school) and I was stuck in the IB Program my Senior year. It started the night before my last day. I was sitting at the kitchen table, putting the finishing touches on the paper that was due in history and the presentation that was due in science. The paper was perfect, all I had to do was print it out and put it in it's folder. I did so and moved on to the presentation. My PowerPoint was done, my notes were done, I planned out everything I was going to say. All I had to do what write it out on note cards. I did that and then the dream jumped forward to me at school, in class.

At some point during the jump, I had decided to take a different bag to school. In the process of changing them out, I forgot my laptop and my folder. All I had with me was my old notes, my old PowerPoint, and no paper whatsoever. I had history first and the teacher said he would accept my paper later, I just had to talk to him at the end of the day. I promised I would and headed to science. 

For my PowerPoint, I had everything saved in pieces on my student drive. In between presentations, I was putting mine together. The teacher was pissed when he finally noticed that I had come unprepared and told me that I was going to go next. Luckily, I had just finished putting it all together. The transitions weren't up to my standards, but the information was all there. The dream skipped over the presentation and put me at the back of the room, next to my science teacher with my history teacher nearby observing.

I was watching the second to last presentation when my history teacher gathered his thing to leave. I whispered to him and asked where he was going. He told me he was going home. I started to panic and asked if we could talk. He told me I had to stay in class and I was too late. He would never accept my paper. He left and I started to have a panic attack. I grabbed my folder and went through everything inside it, throwing anything that wasn't my paper on the floor. When the folder was empty and it's entire contents on the floor, I began to sob hysterically. I couldn't breathe and everyone was just staring at me. The teacher tried to calm me down, but couldn't. I was hurt that he didn't care my entire future was based on this, terrified that I had just messed up everything, and totally embarrassed that I had an audience for these feelings. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I woke myself up.